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Whether you need to update your contacts page, add a new page to your website or refresh your images then I can provide a cost effective solution.  Contact me initially to discuss the Content Management System that your website uses and I can advise you from there.

Do you think that you have outgrown your existing website and need more content, pages or added functionality ie  a gallery or online shop?

It is key for us to remember that our website need to tell visitors how our businesses can solve their problem or improve their lives in an easily understood way.

Equally, I’ve experienced myself how a hosting provider can no longer offer the service that you need or are no longer competitive.  So you may be considering moving your website to another hosting provider.

As businesses and customers we all appreciate that technology continues to develop. So, website design, features and functionality are evolving all the time.  In addition, we have to consider trends, customer needs and expectations periodically.  It therefore should not be surprising that business websites will need tweaking; and, every now and again will benefit from an overhaul.

Update Existing Website Charges

As I always find it easier to have an idea of the likely cost of a service before getting in touch, then to give you an idea of my charges:

– Minor Tweaks.

If you just need your contacts page updated or an image changed then I charge £40 per hour. I’ll provide you with a quote once we’ve chatted through what you want done and I have had a chance to check out your website.

–  Major Changes.

To add a page to your website then prices would start around £120 but for more complicated pages that might include a large gallery or a number of testimonials then the price would be more.

I’m happy to chat through your ideas and provide some options and advice to meet your budget and requirements.

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