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Whether it is time, technology or photographic know-how it can sometimes be worth contracting this out.

I can help to ensure that the images on your website accurately represent the quality of your products or the professionalism of your service.  If an image does not add value, it is not worth publishing.  Furthermore, if it is of a poor standard, then it probably does more harm to your brand than good.

Below are a few examples of work that I have done for client’s websites. These projects range from bespoke kitchen for a cabinetmaker, image for equestrian shop, horse advertisements and merchandise shoots.


If you’d like me to take some quality images to represent you and your business then my package charges would start from £150 for a 2 hour week day shoot within 1 hour travelling distances. I would then use up to 10 images on your website (so editing would be included) and give you an electronic copy of those images. If I am not doing your website work for you then there would be an additional charge of £60 for a commercial release certificate.

Any questions then just give me a call to chat through what you are looking for.

Photographs of Merchandise

Adobe Photoshop and Photography
Adobe Photoshop & Photography

Photograph Editing & Re-Touching

If you have images that you want to use for your business, or personally, that would benefit from being tidied-up or improved to maximise their impact then I can help using Adobe Photoshop.  I can carry out basic editing, such as re-sizing or sharpening, up to more advanced work to create a montage or remove an unwanted object from the image.

Photograph & Image Editing Charges

To give you an idea then my charges for basic image editing start around £15 per image for up to 2 adjustments like re-sizing or sharpening. For more advanced photoshop work then prices start from £30 per image depending on the adjustments required.

Stock Images

Whilst the quality of stock images is high, when used incorrectly they can do more harm than good on your website. For example, if they are the wrong size or their resolution is too high they can slow down your website. Also, if it’s obvious that it is a stock image you can loose that connection with your audience or miss the opportunity to really show what you or your business are really about.

So not only can I advise you whether an image has a positive or negative impact on your website in terms of performance or user experience, I can find images that would work well for you and/or adapt them to make them more unique and less obviously a stock image.

BEFORE: stock image pre-edit
AFTER: stock image re-branded

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