Why Use a Web Designer?

Why Not Build Your Own with a Website Builder?

If you fit into the “You Hate I.T.” or the “I.T. Hates You” camp then the decision to get someone else to do it for you is an easy one. Otherwise why invest in a WordPress website set-up by me and not go for an out-of-the-box solution like Wix or build a WordPress website yourself?  

Using a Website Builders

Out-of-the-box websites are an attractive option: initial outlay is cheap, you can often pay monthly, they are easy to set-up and you can get started quickly.  There are a number of downsides to be aware of though. I list below what I would consider the top 3 pro’s and cons of using a website builder: 


  • As I’ve already said: set-up is quick. As part of the website builder service you get your domain and hosting through them. They also come with a choice of basic templates that you normally just drag and drop content into. This leads me onto benefit number 2.
  • Website builders can be used by non-IT-geeks if you are reasonably competent at using Word documents (or something similar). Most providers also have 24/7 customer service to help you with any glitches.
  • Thirdly, if you just need a basic template with no extra add-on features then initial outlay is cheap.


  • Firstly, you don’t own your website.  So if you cancel your account you cannot transfer the website itself. You can take the domain with you but you would have to start anew. I’ve also found that their websites can be slow, particularly if large or a lot of images are included. Not surprisingly this has been partially put down to the way that website builders operate their shared hosting. So whilst pure hosting providers have to ensure competitive speeds to retain customers, website builders can rely on customers staying with them for convenience … a bit like in the old days when we didn’t transfer our bank account because of the hassle of all our direct debits and bills.
  • Secondly, you are limited to the templates available.  It could therefore become restrictive as your business grows or you want to add extra functionality. 
  • Lastly, whilst website builders incorporate some basic optimisation for Search Engines like adding titles and descriptions or image alt tags the price of convenience is control. Therefore incorporating more advanced SEO tools like site structures, optimising the size of your images or ensuring a good user experience for your viewers are not covered.

Self-Build a WordPress Website

Hopefully you’ve already read my ‘Why WordPress‘ page so you know the pro’s and con’s of WordPress and that using my services removes the con’s. Like most things in life then we can all now learn new skills via YouTube and the internet. What I would say you need to bear in mind if you are considering self-building your WordPress website though is:


WordPress can be a steep learning curve and spending all that time to build one website is not time efficient. As a non-specialist it will take you longer than me to build your one website (and I know the time that I can loose when I hit glitches and tweaking things to get the desired result). So you have to take into account time spent on creating your website versus running your business or dealing with customers.


In addition to my initial full-time training course in London, I spend hours every week keeping up with developments in WordPress, search engines optimisation, copywriting skills, image editing, sales and marketing, design and branding, security and privacy policies. Websites are not all about the build. Do you have the time to learn and then keep up-to-date with these developments and implement them into your website?

What is more feasible is for me to train you up in any areas that will enable you to update content or undertake basic maintenance. Thereby saving you some time and money going forward. This training can be part of the package if I build your website for you.


Knowing how much I pay my boiler repair man per hour then most businesses will earn more per hour getting paid for delivering their service or product rather than spending hours learning a new skill for one-off use. So it’s worth sitting down, working out the numbers and what works best for you and your business.


If you self-build you have to keep your website up-to-date for security, continued functionality and search engine optimisation. Part of my business model is that I provide personal after sales service. That could be a phone call to answer a query on something you are unsure about or help with new posts or updates. I count myself as part of your business team.

Expand your Team without the Ongoing Overheads

So you might consider it better to outsource the initial set-up rather than waste your professional time getting to grips with setting up a good website.  You also gain a specialist on the end of the phone for any on-going support you may need.

I really enjoy working as part of a team and learning about people and their businesses. So whilst I’m not sitting in your workplace I am rooting for you to succeed and for a website that does us both proud. Thereby you benefit from an extra team member when you need them without overheads like NI contribution, welfare, coffee breaks or training.

WordPress – Content Management System

The beauty of WordPress is that you will own your website from the start and it has endless designs and features to grow as you establish your business. 

Find out why I love working with WordPress.

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